History of the Law

 In California and Nevada wildfire is a continual threat due to the combination of climate and topography which creates dry, fire prone conditions.  The growing urban/forest interface has put human and natural resources at greater risk from wildfire.  Creating defensible space allows homeowners to live more safely in these fire prone areas while protecting the natural plants and wildlife we love.  •  Besides tragic human losses, wildfires devastate wildlife and native plant communities.  The loss of native vegetation allows the spread of invasive plant species which are more fire prone and increase the frequency of wildfire.  •  In the past decades, wildfires in the western states have gotten larger, more frequent and more destructive.  Insurance companies and fire fighting professionals collaborated with the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension “Living With Fire” program to assist lawmakers with defensible space education.  •  A variety of laws resulted on state and local levels requiring homeowners to create defensible space.


Throughout the west it’s the law... and it’s the right thing to do!

Photo by Ron Richman