Services we offer...

Defensible Space Solutions will recommend fuel reduction strategies that fit your needs and desires based on your specific property conditions.  We offer a flexible

treatment strategy that takes into consideration your comfort with your existing

landscape or visual screening, but keeps a clear goal of creating effective defensible space and long-term fuels management.  We will identify weedy plant species and

suggest treatment strategies.


1. We start with a free, Comprehensive Assessment of your property conditions. We listen to the concerns of the property owners.

2. Determine your recommended Defensible Space Distance outward from the foundation of your house, and other structures, based upon the property slope and vegetation type(s).  For undeveloped properties we will recommend perimeter fuel breaks and/or internal treatments.

3. Evaluate your Residential Built Zone by assessing your roof, rain gutters, roof vents, chimneys, siding materials, eaves and decks, windows, and combustible

materials, including firewood, around all buildings.

4. Evaluate your Defensible Space Zone by assessing dead vegetation, ladder fuels, separation between shrubs, separation between trees, and the “lean, clean and green area” within 30’ of the house.

5. Discuss your Access Zone such as visible address and street signs, vegetation around and above your driveway, and fire fighting equipment access.

6. Discuss Wildlife & Water Quality Conditions relative to the location and timing of fuels management treatments.

7. Create the Recommended Defensible Space using our rubber-tracked

masticator appropriately named “Chewy”, power tools and hand tools.

Defensible Space Solutions works with certified arborists for comprehensive fire

protection.  Primarily we work with Tree Tenders, LLC in Carson City, NV; Jeremiah’s Tree Service in Northern California and at Lake Tahoe; and, Alpen Tree Experts in Truckee, California.

Let us turn your overgrown, fire-prone property into a park-like

setting.  We will listen to your wishes and offer our suggestions

regarding wildlife, regulations, and visual screening.


We appreciate your business.