What is Defensible Space

& Why Do We Need It?

The term “defensible space” was coined in the 1980s to describe vegetation

management practices aimed at reducing wildfire threat to homes.  It refers to the

creation of a fire safe perimeter around homes and structures, or plants of sentimental value such as an old growth tree.  This requires thinning, cutting, mulching or removing dead, dying and overgrown vegetation and trees from around your home.

•  Defensible Space Solutions specializes in brush mastication using an

environmentally sensitive but powerful 100 HP rubber-tracked loader with a

masticating drum head.  Mastication means “chewing” up vegetation to create mulch which is then left on the property to protect the soil from erosion and weeds.

•  The threat of fire is real.  For homes located in the mountains and range lands of California and Nevada wildfire is a continual threat because of our climate, typography and vegetation type. Defensible space is needed to protect homes, habitats and communities from this very real threat.



Let us turn your overgrown, fire-prone property into a park-like

setting.  We will listen to your wishes and offer our suggestions

regarding wildlife, regulations, and visual screening.


We appreciate your business.